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OnEarth publishes a series of guides including the OnEarth Resource Guide series, the OnEarth Insider's Guide series, and the OnEarth Travel Directory series. In Hawaii, the company publishes these titles under the Hawaii Data Book & Newcomers Guide brand through its H&S Publishing subsidiary, which also publishes Kauai Magazine, Kauai Real Estate Magazine, maps, and print-on-demand books.

Seattle OnEarth Resource GuideOnEarth Resource Guide

The Resource Guide is a comprehensive annual guide full of facts, figures, charts, graphs, and vital information about your city. The user-friendly format is oriented toward home buyers, new residents, investors, and business owners. The full-color annual includes information on employment, population, real estate, land use, taxes, weather, tourism, agriculture, construction, schools, vital resource contact information, and much, much more.

Also included :

  • Government Guide
  • Relocation Guide
  • New Business Guide
  • Schools Guide
  • Visitor Information Guide
  • Health & Wellness Guide

Specifications :

Each Resource Guide is Full-Color throughout, printed on high-quality glossy paper stock. Full-size magazine format, 20 pages, including Covers.

OnEarth Insider's Guide

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OnEarth Travel Directory Guide

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